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Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, ISSN: 2320-0227,Vol.: 3, Issue.: 21 (01-15 November)


Evaluation of Riverbank Hydraulic Conductivity: Implications for Groundwater Recharge


Omotayo Ayeni1*

1Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, AL10 9AB, United Kingdom.

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(1) Dr. Luis H. Alvarez Valencia, Laboratory of environmental biotechnology and microbiology, CIIBAA Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora(ITSON), Obregon Sonora, México.


(1) Anonymous

(2) Aniekan Edet, University of Calabar, Nigeria.

Complete Peer review History: http://www.sciencedomain.org/review-history/5925


This study highlights the relationship between the hydraulic conductivity (K) of riverbank deposits and groundwater recharge in an area adjacent to a Chalk river in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Three locations were mapped out for In situ permeability measurements based on geological map data indicating changes in superficial deposits along the river Mimram. The study area is predominated by Cretaceous Chalk and overlain by drift deposit such as glacial till and buried channel deposits which include glaciofluvial gravels, sands and silty-clay. Permeability measurements of the riverbank deposits’ field saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ksat) using a constant head permeameter was carried out to determine the coefficient of permeability of the superficial soils along a small stretch of the river Mimram in Hatfield. Preliminary results show a variation in the permeability of the superficial deposits which could have a significant impact on groundwater recharge. It is hoped that this study will provide a better understanding of the role of near surface geological investigation of riverbank hydraulic properties in groundwater recharge.

Keywords :

Hydraulic conductivity; riverbank deposits; River Mimram; groundwater recharge.

Full Article - PDF    Page 2784-2791

DOI : 10.9734/JSRR/2014/11196

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