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American Chemical Science Journal, ISSN: 2249-0205,Vol.: 16, Issue.: 3


Turbidity and Acidity as Monitoring Parameters in the Purification of Moringa oleifera Oil for Biodiesel Production


Francisco Sávio Gomes Pereira1*, Alexandre Ricardo Pereira Schuler2, Ana Maria Ribeiro Bastos da Silva2, Chesque Cavassano Galvão2, Rafael do Nascimento Pereira2, Nelson Medeiros de Lima Filho2 and Valdinete Lins da Silva2

1Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Pernambuco – IFPE, Campi Recife and Ipojuca, Recife, PE, Brazil.

2Department of Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Pernambuco – UFPE, Center of Technology and Geosciences, Recife, PE, Brazil.

Article Information
(1) Anonymous.
(1) Carlos Luna, University of Cordoba, Spain.
(2) Paivi Maki-Arvela, Åbo Akademi University, Finland.
Complete Peer review History: http://www.sciencedomain.org/review-history/16111


This study had as aim the analytical monitoring made during the purification applied to the mixed crude oil extracted from the Moringa oleifera Lamarck seeds by pressing and by hexane extraction. The crude (by pressing, by solvent extraction and mixed) and purified oils were characterised in saponification index, iodine value, acidity index, peroxide index, water content, turbidity, specific mass and kinematic viscosity. Turbidity, an innovative parameter for oleaginous analytical evaluation, had a great influence on clarification, being of 31.1 NTU for the mixed crude oil and of 2.1 NTU for purified oil, corresponding to the removal of 93.16% of colloids. The acidity index of 18.1 mgKOH/g for mixed crude oil was mitigated to 0.2 mgKOH/g for the purified oil, with the removal of 98.62% of the acid species. Turbidity and the acidity index are analytical parameters of simple and efficient methodology of purification of the moringa oil as an acceptable feedstock for biodiesel production. The analytical monitoring techniques and treatments employed in this oil can be extended to saponifiable oils and fats, of vegetable or animal origin, crude or residual, for biodiesel production or for industrial use that require refined material.

Keywords :

Acidity index; Moringa oleifera; oil analysis; moringa oil; oil purification; turbidity in oil; vegetable oil.

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DOI : 10.9734/ACSJ/2016/28799

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