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Prof. Vojko Matko

Dr. Vojko Matko received his MSc and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Maribor, Slovenia in 1990 and 1994, respectively. Between 1978 and 1985 he did the research work for the Gorenje Home Appliances Manufacturer Lab in Velenje, Slovenia. He joined the University of Maribor in 1985 as a Research Assistant in Electrical Engineering. In 1993, he pursued his  research work at the Technische Universitat Munchen, Lehrstuhl fur Elektrische Me&technik and in 1995 at the Institute National des Sciences Apliquées de Lyon, Groupe d’Etudes de Metallurgie Physique et de Physique des Materiaux -GEMPPM, URA CNRS 341, Laboratory for Ultrasound Measurements. To date, he has published more than 170 papers. In 1990, he was appointed Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Maribor, Slovenia, and he joined its Electrical Measurements Lab at the Institute of Automation.  where he is currently Associate Professor of Electrical Measurements teaching Electrical Measurements and Quality, Reliability and Testing since 2001.He is IEEE Fellow Member, a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering, New York Academy of Sciences, DEIS, and a member of the Automation Society of Slovenia. His fields of interest are the new high frequency sensor techniques, new accurate resonant measuring methods using Quartz Crystals (high-precision nanoscale inductance and capacitance measurements, pressure, molecular magnetism, atomic force) and modern remote measurements. He is also a reviewer for international scientific journals: Sensors, Sensors and Actuators A, Sensor and Materials, IEEE Transaction on Instrumentation and Measurement, Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications, as well as Slovene Journal of Mechanical Engineering.

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