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Special Discount:


SDI is in favour of reducing OA publication charges (or Article Processing Charges) for the sake of wide dissemination of peer reviewed scientific research. As part of this policy, SDI announces special discount on normal Article Processing Charge (normal APC is US$ 500) for any manuscript submitted within 01 February, 2016 -- 29 February, 2016, as described below. SDI journals do not have submission fees.

This discount offer can not be combined with any other discount offers, RERP Coupon, RP2DC, EARP, etc. Manuscripts, under this offer period, will be published if accepted by journal’s strict peer review.


  Journal Title Discount on APC                              Effective APC                          









American Journal of Experimental Agriculture 80% 100 91  65  6789 640




Annual Research & Review in Biology 90% 50 46  33 3394  320




British Biotechnology Journal 90% 50 46 33 3394 320




British Microbiology Research Journal 90% 50 46  33 3394 320




European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety


See here See here  See here  See here See here




International Journal of Biochemistry

Research & Review

90% 50  46  33 3394  320




International Journal of Plant & Soil Science


50  46 33 3394  320




British Journal of Environment and Climate Change 90% 50  46  33 3394  320




British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research 80% 100  91  65 6789 640




British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 90% 50  46  33 3394 320




Cardiology and Angiology: An International Journal



23  17 1697 160




European Journal of Medicinal Plants 80% 100  91  65 6789 640




International Blood Research & Reviews


25 23 17  1697 160




International Journal of TROPICAL

DISEASE & Health

90% 50 46 33 3394 320




International Neuropsychiatric Disease Journal 95%


23  17 1697  160




International STD Research & Reviews  95%


23 17  1697  160




Ophthalmology Research: An International Journal  95%


 23  17 1697 160




Advances in Research 90%


 46 33  3394 320




British Journal of Applied Science & Technology 80% 100 91  65  6789 640




Journal of Scientific Research and Reports 90% 50 46 33 3394 320




American Chemical Science Journal 90% 50 46 33 3394 320




British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science 80% 100  91 65  6789 640




International Research Journal of

Pure and Applied Chemistry

90% 50 46 33  3394  320




Physical Science International Journal 90% 50 46 33 3394 320




Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology  90% 50 46 33 3394  320




British Journal of Economics,

Management & Trade

80% 100 91 65  6789 640




British Journal of Education,

Society & Behavioural Science

80% 100  91 65 6789 640




Journal of Advances in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 95% 25 23 17 1697  160




Journal of Agriculture and

Ecology Research International

90% 50 46 33 3394  320




International Journal of Medical

and Pharmaceutical Case Reports

90% 50 46  33 3394  320




Journal of Advances in Biology & Biotechnology 90% 50  46  33 3394  320




Journal of Applied Life Sciences


95% 25 23 17 1697  160




Archives of Current Research


95% 25 23  17  1697  160




Journal of Geography, Environment

and Earth Science International

90% 50 46 33  3394 320




Journal of Cancer and Tumor


90% 50  46  33 3394 320


* Bank charges, payment gateway charges, etc. will be additional.

** Kindly note that discount on Article Processing Charge of Grey literature government report will be flat 90%. (i.e. Effective publication charge will be 50 USD)

** Kindly note that discount on Article Processing Charge of Abstract of scientific meetings: will be flat 95%.  (i.e. Effective publication charge will be 25 USD)

Article Reprints

We strongly encourage "ONLINE" publication model to minimize the additional carbon footprint, resulting from printing on papers. But we also understand that "Reprints" are required by some authors. Therefore, if required, reprints can be ordered here (Link). 'Reprint Charge' (RC) is separate from Article Processing Charge (APC) or Publication Charge.


Payment methods:

1. Credit card: You can pay by credit card. Our website is integrated with PayPal, claimed to be one of the world's most loved payment gateways.



2. Bank Transfer:  Kindly contact editorial office to know payment instructions for bank transfer.


3. Other methods: Kindly contact editorial office to know payment instructions for other methods like moneybookers, NETELLER, Liberty Reserve, etc.


Note: In case of any dispute against this program, decision of the management of the SCIENCEDOMAIN international will be always final. This final decision cannot be challenged by anybody in any form and forum and no communication will be entertained in this regard. SCIENCEDOMAIN international will enjoy the exclusive right to change any terms & condition of the program without any prior notice. Benefit of above mentioned five conditions can not be combined together.


Note: * To see exact current conversion amount for GBP, please click here.

           ** To see exact current conversion amount for Euro, please click here.

                For other currency conversion, kindly use this link.

             To know the current conversion rate Kindly use http://www.xe.com/ucc/. It is our officially accepted currency conversion site.


Funders & Authors Compliance Tool


To check the compliance of SDI journals with Funders' policies, authors may wish to visit this link

1. http://goo.gl/eW7fP3   or  http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/search.php?id=1014&la=en&fIDnum=all&mode=advanced&format=full


Normal Article Processing Charge (if any author does not want to avail Special discount)

Authors have to pay 500 US Dollar / 320 GBP* / 370 Euro**, as Article Processing Charge (APC), for publication of each manuscript in any SDI journal. This will be charged if the manuscript has been accepted for publication after completion of  peer review. Editors and reviewers have no access to payment information, and hence inability to pay will not influence the decision to publish a paper. These policies ensure that the fee is never a barrier to quality publication.


General Discount

If discount is required, then 'Discount request letter' should be submitted along with the manuscript at the initial stage itself. Discount request at later stage may not be considered. Quantity of discount will be variable on case to case basis and as per the decision of the management of SCIENCEDOMAIN international.


a. Authors from 'Low income economies' are eligible for a discount of 10-50%.

b. Authors from 'Lower-middle-income economies' are eligible for a discount of 10-40%.

c. Authors from 'Upper-middle-income economies' are eligible for a discount of 10-35%.

d. Authors Under 'Established Author Recognition Program (EARP)' are eligible for a discount of flat 30%.

e. Authors Under 'Institutional membership' are eligible for a discount of 20-50%.


Comparison of Article Processing Charge of SCIENCEDOMAIN international with other quality publishers

The Article Processing Charges of SCIENCEDOMAIN international are amongst the lowest of any publisher offering quality open access publication (please see the comparative list below). BMJ Unlocked ($3145), BMJ Open ($1885), Oxford Open journals ($3000), PLoS Biology & PLoS Medicine ($2900), PLoS Pathogens, PLoS Computational Biology, PLoS Genetics, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases ($2250), PLoS One ($1350), Wiley-Blackwell Online Open ($3000), Cell Reports ($5000), Elsevier Sponsored Article program ($3000-$5000 per article (except The Lancet: $630 per page)), Cambridge Open Option ($2700), Elsevier Cell Reports ($5000), Nature Communications ($5000), EMBO Journal ($3900), Oxford University Press: Nucleic Acids Research ($2770), BrillOpen ($2800), Company of Biologists (~$1965), Journal of Medical Internet Research ($1900), Journal of Neuroscience Open Choice ($980 publication fee + $2575 open access fee), Maney Publishing MORE OpenChoice ($2000), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Open access option ($1300 + additional charges: $70 per page,), Molecular Systems Biology ($3900 + $900 publishing fee), Sage: Sage choice ($3000), Taylor & Francis Open ($995-$1500), Typical SpringerOpen journal ($3000), Journal of Clinical Investigation (~$2500), mBio ($3000), American Physiological Society Author Choice program ($2000; Review articles $3000 inclusive.), etc. These data are collected in 2011-12 and may alter at present. To know the exact present rate, authors are requested to visit the website of respective journals. According to Wellcome Trust studies, an article production cost in the subscription model is estimated to be $2,750. The equivalent cost under the article processing fee model is estimated to be $1,950. (Source: Internet #)


# Last updated in March, 2012. To see exact and latest publication charge of any specific journal, visitors are requested to visit the respective website of that journal, as publication charges are subject to change.



1. UCBL. (2012). Selective List of Open Access and Paid Access Fees. http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/scholarlycommunication/oa_fees.html. Accessed. 23 June, 2012.

2. Shieber SM (2009) Equity for Open-Access Journal Publishing. PLoS Biol 7(8): e1000165. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000165

3. Mike, T. (2012). Persistent myths about open access scientific publishing. http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/blog/2012/apr/17/persistent-myths-open-access-scientific-publishing. Accessed. 23 June, 2012.

4. Kyrillidou M, Bland L, editors. (2008) ARL statistics 2006–2007. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries. Available: http://www.arl.org/stats/annualsurveys/a​rlstats/arlstats07.shtml. Accessed 24 June 2009.
5. Kaufman-Wills Group (2005) The facts about open access: a study of the financial and non-financial effects of alternative business models on scholarly journals. Worthing, England: Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers. Available: http://www.alpsp.org/ForceDownload.asp?i​d=70. Accessed 24 June 2009.
6. Universities UK, the Research Information Network (2009) Paying for open access publication charges. Available: http://www.rin.ac.uk/openaccess-payment-​fees. Accessed 24 June 2009.



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