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Dr. Okwuzu, Jane Ogoamaka

Jane Okwuzu is a research fellow, presently heading the clinical sciences research laboratory of Clinical Sciences Department of NIMR. The unit basically takes care of the laboratory needs of the department as well as the laboratory aspect of the biomedical researches performed in CSD of NIMR. DrOkwuzu has 11 years of professional experience as a researcher. She was an HIV/AIDS cousellor for 8 years and one time HIV/AIDS focal person of HIV counseling and testing centre of NIMR. DrOkwuzu has publications in the area of parasitology and HIV/AIDS. She studied Zoology in the University of Nigeria Nsukka, obtained Master’s degree in Zoology in University of Lagos, Nigeria and Ph.D in parasitology and Bioinformatics from University of Lagos, Nigeria.

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