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Microsoft Academic listed journals

  1. Journal of Agriculture and Ecology Research International
  2. Annual Research & Review in Biology
  3. Journal of Advances in Biology & Biotechnology
  4. Journal of Applied Life Sciences International
  5. Microbiology Research Journal International
  6. International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry
  7. Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International
  8. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics
  9. Asian Journal of Medicine and Health
  10. European Journal of Medicinal Plants
  11. International Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Case Reports
  12. International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE & Health
  13. International Neuropsychiatric Disease Journal
  14. Journal of Advances in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  15. Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research
  16. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports
  17. Physical Science International Journal

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