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Dr. Layla Y. Kamareddine

Dr. Layla Y. Kamareddine is an Immunology and a Microbiology researcher at Harvard Medical School-Boston Children’s Hospital. She received her PhD and MSc degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Her interdisciplinary research unites Molecular Biology, Immunology, and Microbiology (Parasitology, Bacteriology, and Mycology), and her main research theme lies in the field of host-pathogen interaction, with particular focus on the role of the innate immune system in blocking the development of a broad spectrum of pathogens using well established molecular and functional genetic tools in Anopheles gambiae, the major vector of malaria in Africa. She is also interested in understanding the interplay between innate immunity and different physiological processes and is currently working on deciphering the molecular mechanisms that control the cross talk between innate immunity and metabolism in both invertebrate and vertebrate models. Dr. Kamareddine served as a lecturer for many laboratory courses including Diversity of Life, General Biology I and II, Genetics, and Microbiology at the American University of Beirut and is currently an Editorial board member for EC Bacteriology and Virology Research Journal. She is a recipient of many prestigious scientific awards namely The National Council for Scientific Research-Lebanon (CNRS-L)/AUB Doctoral Scholarship award and The Kamal A. Shair-Central Research Science Laboratory (CRSL) award.

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