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Dr. Jui-Teng Lin

Prof. J.T. Lin, PhD in Physics (1981), University of Rochester (USA). Current positions: Chairman & CEO of New Vision Inc. (Taiwan), Gong-rui Medical (Xiamen, China).  Visiting Professor at HE Medical University (China). Editor in Chief (Medical Device Diagnosis and Engineer), Editorial Board (Journal of Ophthalmology & Clinical Research, European Journal of Applied Engineering and Scientific Research), Organizing Committee (Conference. Series, Ophthalmology). He served as a Visiting Professor at National Chao-tung University and Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida, Founder & CEO of Nasdaq-listed companies, He holds over 40 patents and is the inventor (US patents, 1992, 2000) of flying-spot LASIK procedure currently used in eye hospitals worldwide. He has published over 55 book chapters and over 150 peer review journal papers including 75 SCI-impacted papers. His awards include WHO's WHO in Leading American Executives, Model of oversea Chinese Young Entrepreneur and Fellow of American Society of Laser Surgery & Medicine. Prof. Lin research areas include: design of medical lasers (for dental, ophthalmic and cosmetic uses), nanotechnology, bio-engineering, basic physics and modeling of vision-corrections and light-activated processes in medical and biological systems.

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