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Journal of Experimental Agriculture International (Past: American Journal of Experimental Agriculture) (h5-index: 16 and h5-median: 24)

Annual Research & Review in Biology (h5-index: 12 and h5-median: 15)

Biotechnology Journal International (Past: British Biotechnology Journal) (h5-index: 12 and h5-median: 15)

Microbiology Research Journal International (Past: British Microbiology Research Journal) (h5-index: 14 and h5-median: 18)

International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review (h5-index: 10 and h5-median: 12)

International Journal of Environment and Climate Change (Past: British Journal of Environment and Climate Change) (h5-index: 10 and h5-median: 14)

Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research (Past: British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research) (h5-index: 19 and  h5-median: 30)

Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International (Past: British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research) (h5-index:14 and h5-median: 20)

European Journal of Medicinal Plants (h5-index: 14 and h5-median: 21)

Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology (Past: British Journal of Applied Science & Technology) (h5-index: 14 and h5-median: 17)

Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science (Past: British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science) (h5-index: 10 and h5-median: 13)

International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry (h5-index: 9 and h5-median: 13)

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