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Dr. Elsayed Mohammed Mohammed Elsayed

Elsayed Mohammed Mohammed Elsayed, September 21, 1978, 39 years, Egyptian, Ph. D. in pure mathematics ( difference equation ) from Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Egypt (October 2006). Associate professor of Mathematics, Mathematics Department,  Faculty of Science, King AbdulAziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Teaching Experience: General Mathematics, Mathematics I (Math 15 ), Mathematics II ( Math 24 ), Difference Equations, Calculus I ( Math 101 ), Calculus II ( Math 102 ) , Calculus III (Math 215 ), Analytic Geometry, Real Analysis, Differential Equations, Abstract Algebra and Linear Algebra. Research interests: Difference Equations ( Local stability, Global Stability, Boundedness, Semi-Cycles, Oscillation, Periodicity and How to find the solutions of some difference equations, Systems of Difference equations { Find the solutions – Studying Behavior of the solutions}).

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