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Dr. Dawit Getnet Ayele

John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. Professional and qualification: PhD statistician with over 14 years of survey design, sample design, statistical analysis, and model development experience, from this over 3 years postdoctoral experience, Provided timely accurate statistical analysis and report in advance of the project target date, Excellent interpersonal skills, the proven ability to work well under pressure, and capacity to work independently as well as in a team, Outstanding verbal and written communications skills, Established good working relationships with co-workers, Expert level knowledge of SAS, R, STATA, and SPSS Statistical Programming, Proficient in Word Processor, spread Sheets, database: -  Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, graphics: - Harvard Graphics, Microsoft Power Point and Publisher, Programming: -  Visual Basic Programming, C++ Programming, CSPro (Integrated System for Census and Survey Processing), Integrated Microcomputer Processing System (IMPS), Special Demographic Packages: - QFIVE, MORTPAK, SPECTRUM, ArcGIS, and ArcView and ArcInfo for GIS.

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