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Dr. Carmen Lizette del Toro Sanchez

Dr. Carmen Lizette Del Toro Sánchez. Her PhD studies were realized in Biotechnological Process at the University of Guadalajara in 2006 (Mexico) where she was working as a research professor until 2015 in the Department of Medical Sciences and Life. She is currently a research professor in the Department of Food Research (University of Sonora, Mexico). Her area of research is the characterization of natural products including biological activity of compounds, isolation, identification and toxicity of these molecules, and their possible micro or nanoencapsulation for use in pharmaceutical or food areas. The terpens, phenolic compounds and pigments as carotenoids from various sources, are some of the main molecules studied in relation to the antioxidant capacity for prevention of chronic degenerative diseases. Additionaly,  some other studies are carried out about of the enzyme profile identification from the human intestinal microbiota used to release phenolic compounds linked to the food matrices through in vitro gastrointestinal studies.

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