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Editorial Board Members

Chief Editor


Dr. Shahira M. Ezzat


Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy,

Cairo University, Egypt

Email: shahyelkomy@hotmail.com

Profile Link: NA

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Academic Editors

Dr. Muhammad Kasib Khan


Department of Parasitology, University of Agriculture, Pakistan

Email: kasibdadra@hotmail.com

Profile link: NA

Dr. Palanisamy Arulselvan


Institute of Bioscience, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Email: arulbio@gmail.com

Profile link: NA


Dr. Martin Koller


University of Graz, Research Management and Service, Institute of Chemistry, Austria

Email: martin.koller@uni-graz.at, koller197@gmail.com

Profile link: https://goo.gl/qyja34


Dr. Vasil Simeonov
Laboratory of Chemometrics and Environmetrics,

University of Sofia “St. Kliment Okhridski”, Bulgaria

Email: vsimeonov@chem.uni-sofia.bg

Profile link: https://goo.gl/4SW8kB


Dr. Purnachandra Nagaraju Ganji
Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology,

Emory University School of Medicine, USA

Email: gpcnraju@hotmail.com, pganji@emory.edu

Profile link: https://goo.gl/Jj68qW


Dr. J. Rodolfo Rendón Villalobos

Department of Technological Development,

National Polytechnic Institute, México

Email: rrendon@ipn.mx

Profile link: https://goo.gl/ziabnR


Dr. Malakeh. Z. Malak

Community Health Nursing, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Jordan

Email: malakehmalak@yahoo.com, malakeh.m@zuj.edu.jo

Profile link: NA


Dr. Kuldip Singh

Department of Biochemistry,

Govt. Medical College, Punjab, India

Email: drkuldip08@gmail.com

Profile link: NA


Dr. Renu Bharadwaj


Department of Microbiology, B. J. Govt Medical College, India

Email: renu.bharadwaj@gmail.com

Profile link: NA


Dr. Ali Mohamed Elshafei Ali


Department of Microbial Chemistry,

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Building,

National Research Centre, Egypt

Email: alielshafei@yahoo.com

Profile link: NA


Dr. T. Selvamuthukumaran

Department of Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture,

Annamalai University, India

Email: entoselva@gmail.com

Profile link: https://goo.gl/yrKFYc


Dr. Hakan Inci

Assistant Professor,

Department of Animal Science,

Bingol University, Turkey

Email:  hakaninci2565@hotmail.com

Profile link: http://www.bingol.edu.tr/tr/idari-personel/hakan-inci


Dr. G. K. Sivaraman

Department of Microbiology,

ICAR- Research Centre of Central -

Institute of Fisheries Technology, India

Email: gkshivraman@gmail.com  


Profile Link:  https://goo.gl/c6oFHv

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Dr. Amadou Hamadoun Babana


Faculty of Science and Techniques,

University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako, Mali

Email: ahbabana@laborem-biotech.com

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Witness Mojeremane

Associate Professor, 

Department of Range and Forest Resources, 

Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Botswana

Email: wmojeremane@yahoo.com, wmojerem@buan.ac.bw

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Shiamala Devi Ramaiya


Department of Crop Science,

Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences,

Universiti Putra Malaysia, Bintulu Sarawak Campus, Malaysia

Email: shiamala@upm.edu.my

Profile Link: https://goo.gl/sfPtpe


Dr. Terry Adaeze Ezeudu Nzeakor


Department of Veterinary Parasitology and Entomology,

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,

University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria

Email: terry.ezeudu@unn.edu.ng

Profile Link: https://goo.gl/tdDWm2


Dr. Vandana Rai


Department of Biotechnology, 

VBS Purvanchal University, India

Email: raivandana@rediffmail.com

Profile Link: NA



Past Editors




Note: We are thankful to all editors for their sincere help and support to develop this journal. All editors confirmed their joining in the board by email. Names of the remaining editors (if any) will be published soon.

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