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International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review

Editorial Board Members

Chief Editor

Dr. Luisa Di Paola,

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals,

Faculty of Engineering Università Campus Biomedico,

Via Alvaro del Portillo, Roma, Italy

Email: l.dipaola@unicampus.it, luisa.dipaola@gmail.com

Profile link: http://didattica.unicampus.it/didattica/Guide/PaginaDocente.do;jsessionid=AAAE87521A4968A06BE2C18BC81B57FB.jvm1a?docente_id=224

Short Biosketch


Dr. Alfonso Clemente

Estación Experimental del Zaidín (EEZ-CSIC)
Department of Physiology and Biochemistry of Animal Nutrition
c/ProfesorAlbareda, Granada, Spain

Email: alfonso.clemente@eez.csic.es

Profile link: NA

Short Biosketch


Dr. Toshiaki Nikai
Professor of Microbiology, Meijo University School of Pharmacy, Nagoya, Japan

Email: nikai@meijo-u.ac.jp

Profile link: http://www.meijo-u.ac.jp/english/academics/pharmacy/pharmacy1.html

Short Biosketch


Prof. Mohamed Fawzy Ramadan Hassanien

Biochemistry Department,Faculty of Agriculture,Zagazig University,Egypt.

E-mail: hassanienmohamed@yahoo.com,  mframadan@zu.edu.eg

Profile Link: NA

Short Biosketch


Prof. Fatih Oz

Food Engineering Department,Agriculture Faculty, TURKEY

Email : fatihoz@atauni.edu.tr ,faoz002@hotmail.com

profile Link: https://atauni.edu.tr/fatih-oz

Short Biosketch


Prof. Yi-Ren Hong

Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, College of  Medicine , Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan

EMAIL :  m835016@cc.kmu.edu.tw

Profile Link: NA

Short Biosketch



Academic Editors


Dr. Chunying Li

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, USA

Email:cl@med.wayne.edu, eb9587@wayne.edu

Profile link: http://cancerbiologyprogram.med.wayne.edu/faculty/chunying.php


Dr. Rosario Gomez Garcia

Department of Biochemistry, Loyola University, USA

Email: rosario.gomez@research.abengoa.com , rosario.gomez@abengoa.com

Profile link: NA


Dr. Mylène Gobert

Unit Quality of Animal Products Centre, National, Institute of Agronomic Research, France

Email: mylene.gobert@clermont.inra.fr

Profile link: NA


Prof. Cheorl-Ho Kim
Molecular and Cellular Glycobiology Unit, Department of Biological Science, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

Email: chkimbio@skku.edu

Profile link: NA


Prof. Richard A. Manderville
Departments of Chemistry and Toxicology University of Guelph, Canada

Email: rmanderv@uoguelph.ca

Profile link: http://www.chembio.uoguelph.ca/manderville/


Prof. Alexander A. Kamnev

Inst. of Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms, Russian Academy of Sciences, Saratov, Russia

Email: aakamnev@ibppm.sgu.ru

Profile link: NA


Prof. Kuo-Wei Lin

Department of Food and Nutrition, Providence University, Taiwan

Email: kwlin@pu.edu.tw

Profile link: http://www.fn.pu.edu.tw/people/bio.php?PID=13

Dr. G. Padmaja
Central Tuber Crops Research Institute Sreekariyam, Thiruvananthapuram, India

Email: padmajabn@yahoo.com

Profile link: NA


Dr. Saulo Luís da Silva

Protein Chemistry and Biocatalyst Research Group, Federal University of São João Del Rei - UFSJ, Brasil

Email: biomol2@hotmail.com, slsilva@pq.cnpq.br

Profile link: NA


Prof. Noureddine Benkeblia

Department of Life Sciences, The University of the West Indies, Jamaica

Email: noureddine.benkeblia@uwimona.edu.jm, benkeblia@hotmail.com

Profile link: https://www.mona.uwi.edu/lifesciences/benkeblia.htm


Prof. Hector M. Mora Montes

Department of Biology, University of Guanajuato, Mexico

Email: hmora@ugto.mx

Profile link: NA


Dr. Shadaan Abid

Department of Internal Medicine, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, USA

Email: Shadaan.Abid@UTSouthwestern.edu, shadabid@gmail.com

Profile link: NA


Prof. Sahar Samir Mahmoud Abd El-Rahman

Department of Pathology,  College of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt

Email: saharsamirmah@cu.edu.eg, sahar.abdelrahman@vet.cu.edu.eg,  saharsamirmah@hotmail.com

Profile link: NA 


Prof. Nobuo Yamaguchi

Department of Immunology, Kanazawa Medical University, Japan

Email: serumaya@kanazawa-med.ac.jp

Profile link: NA 


Assoc. Prof. Joao Carlos da Silva Dias

Instituto Superior de Agronomia, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Email: mirjsd@gmail.com

Profile link: NA 


Dr. Maurício Laterça Martins

Aquaculture Department, Federal University of Santa Catarina Brazil

Email: mauricio.martins@ufsc.br

Profile link: NA 


Dr. Amir-Houshang Shemirani

Department of Clinical Research Center, Debrecen University, Hungary

Email: shemirani1@gmail.com


Prof. KV Ramanath

Department of Pharmacy Practice, SAC College of Pharmacy,

B.G.Nagar,Mandya (Dist),Karnataka, India

Email:  kvr1075@gmail.com, pharmacypractice123@gmail.com

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Sultan Ayesh Mohammed Saghir

Discipline of Pharmacology, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia

Email:  sultan_a1976@yahoo.com

Profile Link: NA


Dr.  Heshu Sulaiman Rahman Muhammad

Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, College of Health Sciences, Komar University of Science and Technology, Sulaimani City, Chaq Chaq -Qularaise, Kurdistan Region, Northern Iraq

Email:  heshusr77@gmail.com,   heshu.rhaman@univsul.edu.iq , heshu.sulaiman@komar.edu.iq

Profile Link: http://mls.komar.edu.iq/faculty-members


Assistant prof. Eman Refaat Youness

department of Medical Biochemistry, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt

Email: hoctober2000@yahoo.com

Profile Link: na


Assoc. Prof. Aysenur Yegin

Antalya State Hospital, Antalya, Turkey

Email: aysenuryegin@yahoo.com

Profile Link: NA


Prof. Halit Demir

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Art and ScienceYuzuncu, Yil University, Turkey

Email: halitdemi@gmail.com 

Profile Link: NA






Past Academic Editors


Dr. Carmen Lúcia de Oliveira Petkowicz
Federal University of Parana, Curitiba, Parana, Brazil


Dr. Edward Eteshola

Department of Biomedical Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA
Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA


Dr. Jing Xu
Dr. Solomon Snyder's Lab, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA



Dr. Ehtishamul Haq
Department of Biotechnology, University of Kashmir, India



Dr. Noura El-Ahmady El-Naggar
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute, Bioprocess Development Department, Egypt



Dr. Siqing Liu

Renewable Product Technology Research Unit, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, U.S. Department of Agriculture, University St. Peoria, USA



Dr. Tomio Yabe
Department of Applied Life Scinece, Gifu University, Japan



Prof. Vitor Hugo Pomin

Institute of Medical Biochemistry, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Dr. Dileep G. Nair

Ministry of Higher Education, Sultanate of Oman


Dr. Francisco Torrens
Institut Universitari de Ciència Molecular, Universitat de València, Edifici d'Instituts de Paterna, València, Spain

Email: francisco.torrens@uv.es

Profile link: NA


Prof. Heng Chen
Database Department for Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Shanghai Information Center for Life Sciences, The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS),Shanghai, China

Email: chenheng@sibs.ac.cn, dr.chenheng@163.com

Profile link: NA


Prof. Jesus Simal-Gándara
Nutrition and Food Science, University of Vigo, Spain

Email: jsimal@uvigo.es

Profile link: NA


Dr. Hsiu-Mei Chiang
Department of Cosmeceutics, China Medical University, Taiwan

Email: hmchiang@mail.cmu.edu.tw

Profile link: NA


Dr. Tolga TUNÇAL
Namik Kemal University, Environmental Engineering Department, Turkey

Email: ttuncal@nku.edu.tr

Profile link: http://ttuncal.cv.nku.edu.tr/


Dr. Yu-Hong Wei
Chairman and Professor, Graduate School of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

Email: yhwei@saturn.yzu.edu.tw

Profile link: http://www.bio.yzu.edu.tw/teachlist/show/id/91/lang/english.html


Dr. Zhengliang Leon Wu
R &D Systems, Inc. Minneapolis, USA

Email: Leon.Wu@rndsystems.com, Zhengliang_wu@yahoo.com

Profile link: NA


Dr. Carol S.K. Lin

School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Email: carollin@cityu.edu.hk

Profile link: http://www.cityu.edu.hk/see/personal/Carol_Lin.htm


Dr. Xiaohua He
Food borne Contaminants Research Unit USDA, Agricultural Research Service, USA

Email: Xiaohua.He@ars.usda.gov

Profile link: https://www.ars.usda.gov/people-locations/person?person-id=39023


Prof. Dr. Sang Ho Choi

Department of Food Biotechnology, Center for Food Safety and Toxicology, Seoul National University, S. Korea

Email: choish@snu.ac.kr

Profile link: https://food.snu.ac.kr:446/eng/prof_lab/pro_01.html


Dr. Seraphim Papanikolaou

Department of Food Science and Technology, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

Email: spapanik@aua.gr

Profile link: NA








Note: We are thankful to all editors for their sincere help and support to develop this journal. All editors confirmed their joining in the board by email. Names of the remaining editors (if any) will be published soon.


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