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European Journal of Medicinal Plants

Editorial Board Members


Chief Editors 


Dr. Marcello Iriti

Plant Biology and Pathology, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Milan State University, Italy

Email: marcello.iriti@unimi.it

Profile link: http://www.unimi.it/chiedove/ENG/schedaPersonaXML.jsp?matricola=16744&pTab=1

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Dr. Valentina Savo

Environmental Biology Dept., University Roma Tre, Rome, Italy

Email: vsavo@uniroma3.it

Profile link: NA


Academic Editors


Dr. George Perry

Dean and Professor of Biology, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

Email: george.perry@utsa.edu, perry2500@sbcglobal.net

Profile link: http://www.utsa.edu/biology/faculty/GeorgePerry.html

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Dr. Thomas Efferth

Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Biology, Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany

Email: efferth@uni-mainz.de

Profile link: NA


Dr. Patrizia Diana


Department of Molecular and Biomolecular Sciences and Technologies, University of Palermo, Palermo, Italy

Email: patrizia.diana@unipa.it

Profile link: https://www.unipa.it/persone/docenti/d/patrizia.diana


Dr. Paola Angelini

Department of Applied Biology, University of Perugia, Italy

Email: paola.angelini@unipg.it

Profile link: http://www.unipg.it/pagina-personale?n=paola.angelini


Dr. Daniela Rigano
Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, University Federico II of Naples, Italy

Email: drigano@unina.it

Profile link: https://www.docenti.unina.it/DANIELA.RIGANO

Dr. Ghalem Bachir Raho
Biology department, Sidi Bel Abbes University, Algeria

Email: bachir_raho@yahoo.fr

Profile link: NA


Dr. Francisco Cruz-Sosa

Biotechnology Department,Metropolitan Autonomous University Iztapalapa Campus Av. San Rafael Atlixco, México

Email: cuhp@xanum.uam.mx

Profile link: NA

Dr. Ana Ribeiro
Senior Researcher Habilitation and Deputy Director of Biotrop – Environment, Agriculture and Development Center, Tropical Research institute (IICT), Portugal

Email: aribeiro@itqb.unl.pt

Profile link: NA


Dr. Sabyasachi Chatterjee

Department of Botany, Ramananda College, Bishnupur, Bankura, India

Email: sabsach@rediffmail.com, schatterjeebiotech@gmail.com

Profile link: NA


Dr. Shanfa Lu


Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College, China

Email: sflu@implad.ac.cn, sflu2004@yahoo.com.cn

Profile link: NA


Dr. Ahmed Moussa
Pharmacognosy and Api-Phytotherapy Research Laboratory, Mostaganem University, Algeria

Email: moussa7014@yahoo.fr

Profile link: NA


Dr. Elena Maria Varoni

Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche, Chirurgiche ed Odontoiatriche, University of Milan, Italy

Email: elena.varoni@med.unipmn.it, elena.varoni@gmail.com

Profile link: NA


Dr. Ashujit Tagde

Department of Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute-Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Email: ashujit_tagde@dfci.harvard.edu

Profile link: https://connects.catalyst.harvard.edu/Profiles/display/Person/130124


Dr. Paolo Zucca

Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Cagliari, Italy

Email: paolo.zucca@gmail.com, pzucca@unica.it

Profile link: http://people.unica.it/paolozucca/


Dr. Roberta Cristiane Ribeiro

Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, UFRRJ, Seropedica, Brazil

Email: roberta.ribeiro@srs.ifmt.edu.br, robertacristiane@gmail.com

Profile Link: NA

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Dr. Mohamed L. Ashour


Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University, Organization of African Unity Street, Abbasia, Egypt

Email: ml_ashour@hotmail.com,  mohamed_ashour@pharm.asu.edu.eg, ashour@pharma.asu.edu.eg

Profile Link: NA

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Dr. Naseem A. Qureshi

Division of Scientific Publication, National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Email: qureshinaseem@live.com

Profile Link:NA


Dr. Ana Maria Queijeiro Lopez


Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil

Email: amql@qui.ufal.br

Profile Link:NA


Dr. Marwa Farouk Mahmoud El-Kady


Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering Department, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, New Borg El-Arab City, Alexandria, Egypt

Email: marwa.f.elkady@gmail.com

Profile Link:NA

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Dr. Prem K. Ramasamy

Department of Biochemistry, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, USA

Email: premkr@brandeis.edu

Profile Link: http://www.brandeis.edu/directory/choose_user?uid=premkr




Past Editors




Note: We are thankful to all editors for their sincere help and support to develop this journal. All editors confirmed their joining in the board by email. Names of the remaining editors (if any) will be published soon.


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