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Editorial Policy

European Journal of Food Research & Review (EJFRR) welcomes research papers, reviews, short communications, case studies and extended abstracts of governmental reports in all areas of food science and nutrition.

The subject matters include:

Food policy matters
Food safety
Public health nutrition
Food consumption and composition
Food processing
Food chemistry
Emerging technologies
Grey literature government reports

(See the complete scope here)

This journal is an international journal and scope is not confined by boundary of any country or region. 


Review mechanism for extended abstracts

In case of extended abstracts of grey literature government reports, the extended abstract and the full report will be subjected to peer review. However, the full report will only be judged as “acceptable” or “not acceptable”. In case of an acceptable report the text of the full report will not be changed as it is already published on an institute’s website, but the extended abstract will be judged as a normal manuscript. Hence, the peer review will cover both the extended abstract (as a normal paper) as well as the full report (with a yes or no judgement). Only if the full report is considered “acceptable” the extended abstract can be judged acceptable (possibly upon revision).


To konw other SDI General Editorial Policies, applicable for all SDI journals, click here.

We try to follow and we also recommend authors, reviewers and editors to follow ICMJE Recommendations.


Publication history: European Journal of Food Research & Review (EJFRR) continued as European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety (EJNFS).


Disclaimer: This international journal has no connection with any scholarly society or association or any specific geographic location or any country (like USA, UK, Germany, etc). This is an independent journal run by SCIENCEDOMAIN international. Legal contact address of editorial office and other offices are available in this link.



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