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Prof. Zeinab Hanem Abdel Rahman Ahmed Salama

Prof. Zeinab Hanem Research Professor Emeritus of Plant Nutrition, Plant Biochemistry Department, Graduated from Cairo University with B.Sc. in Agriculture (Plant Biochemistry) in 1975. Awarded M. Sc. from the same University in 1988and awarded Ph. D. from Cairo University in 1990 Through a DAAD Scholarship to West Germany, Technical University of Munich in 1983. Associated Researcher from 1978-1983. Researcher from 1991-1997. Associate Researcher Professor from 1997 – 2002. Researcher Professor from 2002 – 2004. Head of Plant Biochemistry Department 2004-2010. Researcher Professor Emeritus from 3/1/2013 till now.  Experience and  Interest : Production of green and blue green alga under laboratories and mass culture conditions. Using Molecular markers for monitoring the nutrition status of plants. Plant, soil and water testing analysis. Nutritional evaluation of some plants as a source of secondary metabolites (phenolics- flavonoids and pigments). Production of omega 3& omega 6 from some seeds of oil crops.

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