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Prof. Wei Zhang

Dr. Wei Zhang is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences and a jointly-appointed faculty in Environmental Science & Policy Program at Michigan State University, USA. He received his Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University in 2010, his MS degree in Biosystems Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 2006, and his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Chemistry from Nanjing University in 2000. Wei is broadly interested in the quality and sustainability of soil and water resources, with emphasis on the movement of water, solutes (e.g., nutrients, agrochemicals, and environmental toxics), and fine particles such as microorganisms, abiotic colloids, and engineered nanomaterials in natural and engineered systems, particularly in unsaturated soils. The overarching goal of his research activities is to promote protection of soil and water resources and sustainable agricultural production through understanding of fundamental transport processes and scientifically-sound management practices. Wei has previously received the US National Research Council Research Associateship Award and Cornell Liu Memorial Award.

Special Contribution: Guest Editor of the Special Issue of BJECC on Impact of Climate Change on Physical and Biogeochemical Processes in Hydrological Cycle.

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