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Dr. Marta Joanna Monder

I’m an acting head of Department of Dendrology Collections, a founder and curator of National Collection of Rose Cultivars in PAS Botanical Garden – CBDC in Powsin. I focus on creating, maintaining and developing a collection of roses serving not only the gathering and preservation of the vast diversity of this genus, but also the study and the observations of botanical, horticultural, agricultural technology. I cooperate with Botanical Gardens, Rosaria, breeders, at home and abroad and promotes the resumption of the production in nurseries historic roses. They conducted among research on the intensification of propagation of historic roses including environmentally friendly methods, biostimulators in the cultivation of plants and the possibility of planting ground cover roses allocated to green urban areas and the communication routes, with special emphasis to Central Poland climate. The most important research interests concerns horticulture of ornamental plants and genus Rosa. The study and job areas are: - the intensification of propagation of historical roses considering the environmentally friendly methods; - the effect of rootstock on growth, flowering, physiological incompatibility of roses; - the anatomical changes in plant tissues in the place of budding and in rhizogenesis ; - biostimulants in plant cultivation and propagation; - the biodiversity and preservation of garden plants; - the possibility of introduction / reintroduction of historical roses in polish climate condition; - the possibility of cultivation ground cover roses in the cities in polish climate conditions; - the phenology of rose cultivars, their frost resistance, especially ground cover and old garden roses; - the disease resistance of old garden roses; - the rose garden history; - the popularization of botanical and horticultural research in many journals, magazines, trials, festivals, for specialists, experts, nurseryman, etc.; organization the trials, festivals etc..

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