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Dr. Laura Corazza

Dr. Laura Corazza.Center 4 Shared Value, Department of Management, University of Turin (Italy).Visiting Fellow, Laurea University of Applied Science, Espoo (Finland).Education: Dr. Laura Corazza completed her Ph.D. in Business and Management (2014) from University of Turin.Experience: Post-doc Research Fellow funded by CRT Foundation and visiting fellow at Laurea University of Applied Science (Espoo, Finland). Her research topics include: Social and Environmental Accounting and Reporting (SEAR), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Stakeholder theory in both profit and not-for-profit sector. International collaboration: Dr. Corazza has joined three European Research project one as CSR Expert. In addition, the current research topic involved international partner and an applied research methodology.  Editorial Experience: She is reviewer of three International Journal and books.

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