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Dr. Hossam El-Din Mohamed Omar

Name: Hossam El-Din M . Omar,  Affiliation: Prof. of physiology, Faculty of Science, Assiut Univrsity. Published about 70 papers in local and international journals.  Members in the editor board and reviewer for many international journals. Supervisor for about 30 M.Sc and Ph.D thesis in physiology, pathology, and biochemistry. B.Sc. (Zoology), Dept. of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Assiut University, 1983. M.Sc.(Animal  Physiology),  Dept.  of  Zoology,  Faculty  of  Science,  Assiut University, 1988. Ph.D.  (Animal  Physiology),  Dept.  of  Zoology,  Faculty  of  Science,  Assiut University, 1993. Demonstrator, Zoology Department, Assiut University, 1983-1988. Assistant  Lecturer, Zoology Department, Assiut University, 1988- 1993. Lecturer of Animal Physiology, Zoology Department, Assiut University, 1993- 1998. Assistant  Professor, Zoology Department, Assiut University, 1998-2004. Professor of Animal Physiology, Zoology Department, Assiut University 2004-until now. Biosynthesis of prostaglandin from carbon labeled linolenic acid as mediators of inflammation and cellular proliferation. Bioactive compounds from natural source like venoms of snakes and scorpion, algae and its application in biology. Drugs (cisplatin & cyclosporine, urethane) and pollutants (nitrite, morpholine, potassium  bromate,  lithium,  lead,  acrylamide  &  mycotoxins)  which  induced adverse effects that mediated by oxidative stress in multiple organs of animals. Xenobiotics (estrradiol & endotoxins) biotransformation. Applications of using antioxidants like melatonin, N-acetyl cysteine, quercetin, ellagic acid, α-lipoic  acid, coumaric acid, thymooquinone, retonic acid in ameliorating the oxidative stress that induced by diseases like diabetes and hyperlipidemia that induced by high fat/high sucrose diet. Prevention of diabetes complication by using antioxidants. Correlation between diabetes and obesity in Egyptian society. Pathogencity of mold fungi on the different organs of fish. Models of parasites infection like Schistosoma mansoni and free living amoeba which causes garnauloma and keratitis, respectively in infected animals.

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