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Dr. Enrico Franceschi

Enrico Franceschi  took his BSc in Chemistry, November 13th 1965. He is Associate Professor in Physical Chemistry at the Genoa University, Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, since 1980. He was teaching of “Archaeometry” in the academic course of Cultural Heritage Conservation at the University of Genoa; actually he is teaching of "Chimica Fisica 1", "Chimica per la Conservazione dei Beni Culturali" and “Complementi di Spettroscopia e Termodinamica Statistica” in the academic courses of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry at the University of Genoa. As regarding his scientific activity, it concerns the material science; he started studying the physical-chemical properties of many series of intermetallic compounds and superconducting oxides, in particular their crystallographic properties and thermodynamical properties. At present he works too in Conservation Science, and in this field his activity regards mainly diagnostic, protection and conservation of metals of archaeological and historic interest, papyrus, paper, wood, stones and mortars, ceramics, different kinds of painting. At this purpose, he cooperates with several archaeological Museums and Italian Government Institutions (Soprintendenze ai Beni artistici e archeologici e Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica) and with the Museum of Medieval art of Korça, Albany. He has been responsible of a Research Group in the Safeguard of Cultural Heritage Project of Italian CNR, subproject N° 2, named “Artistic and Architectural Heritage: analysis, diagnosis and restoration” (1997-2001). He has been responsible of the Operative Unit in Genoa in the field of PRIN 2003 and PRIN 2005.He is author of more than 130 publications.

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