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Second Derivative Two-step Block Hybrid Enright’s Linear Multistep Methods for Solving Initial Value Problems of General Second Order Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations ...

Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, Volume: 30, Issue: 2 2019, Pages: 1-10

In this research, the formation of second derivative two-step block hybrid Enright’s linear multistep methods for solving initial value problems is studied. In forming the method, we follow Enright’s 1974 approach, by introducing the off-...

The Statistical Based Approach to Flood Impact by Farmers in Rivers State

Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, Volume: 8, Issue: 1 2019, Pages: 1-15

The study assessed the vulnerable groups and impact of flooding on the rural farmers and the different adaptive measures taken to reduce the impact. Aims: To examine the Statistical approach to Vulnerability by Farmers to the impact of f...

Poverty Menace and Social Economic Nexus in Nigeria: A Bound Test Approach

South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics, Volume: 2, Issue: 4 2018, Pages: 1-14

Nigeria has recorded variations in major macroeconomic variables since independence. Growth episodes over the years though encouraging put has not translated to improvement in poverty incidence. The rate of poverty in the nation has out-grown populat...

Advanced Multi-layered Thermal Barrier Coatings - An Overview

Journal of Materials Science Research and Reviews, Volume: 2, Issue: 3 2019, Pages: 1-17

A new type of thermal barrier coating must be developed to protect the underlying metallic components from higher operating temperatures in order to enhance the fuel efficiency of the gas turbine engine. Yttria stabilised zirconia (YSZ) is a conventi...

Students’ Performance Prediction Using Classsification Algorithms

Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, Volume: 30, Issue: 2 2019, Pages: 1-9

It is imperative to analyze educational data especially as it relates to students’ performance. Educational institutions need to have a fairly accurate knowledge of admitted students’ prior academic ability to predict their future academi...

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