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Antibacterial Activity of Sorghum “Ogi” on Diarrhoeagenic Escherichia coli

Journal of Advances in Microbiology, Volume: 12, Issue: 4 2018, Pages: 1-8

Aims: To investigate and compare the antibacterial activity of sorghum “ogi” slurry, liquor and that of conventional antibiotics against diarrhoeagenic Escherichia coli. Place and Duration of Study: This research work was carried out at ...

Berkeley: Empiricist or Rationalist? - A Disquisition

Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science, Volume: 27, Issue: 2 2018, Pages: 1-8

Principally, the onus of this research is to determine Berkeley as an empiricist or a rationalist. The thesis of the work is that he is prima facie warrantedly and justifiably, as gleaned from his philosophy, a rationalist than an empiricist. This wo...

The Potentials of Algae from Waste and Fresh Water as a Source of Biodiesel

Asian Journal of Environment & Ecology, Volume: 7, Issue: 4 2018, Pages: 1-8

The demand and use for energy is increasing continuously due to industrialisation, desertification, cost of electricity, depletion of petroleum resources, human population and increasing commercial activities. The basic and traditional sources of ene...

Changing Fluvio-dynamic Scenario of the Adi Ganga River, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, Volume: 17, Issue: 3 2018, Pages: 1-14

The Adi Ganga River is a paleodistributary of the Bhagirathi-Hugli River, and was once an important navigational channel according to Medieval Bengali literature. Many European merchants and travellers also travelled through the Adi Ganga by vessels ...

Biochemical Responses of Wolfbane (Periploca angustifolia Labill) to Water Stress

International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, Volume: 24, Issue: 6 2018, Pages: 1-9

Periploca angustifolia as an endangered plant species were grown at Balouza Research Station (North Sinai, Egypt) during the period from November, 2016 to April, 2018 including three months seedling stage, two months transplanting and establishment s...

Heavy Metals in Fruits and Juice of Elstar Apple Variety

International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, Volume: 24, Issue: 6 2018, Pages: 1-11

The goal of the research was to determine the concentration of lead, copper, cadmium, zinc and iron in the soil of different pH, the degree of contamination in the intensive production of Elstar apples, as well as the impact of soil contamination on ...

Different Drying Methods for Preservation of Dates: A Review

Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Volume: 29, Issue: 5 2018, Pages: 1-10

Background: Dates, the staple food in many Gulf countries and they are the fruits with high nutritional values, besides highly perishable, so there is a need for a better preservation technique which will prevent the dates from deterioration and also...

Study of New Granite Slab Geometries for Facade Cladding

Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Volume: 29, Issue: 5 2018, Pages: 1-11

Facade claddings are important for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Its design is an intricate process that encompasses science, art, and craft to resolve a myriad of problems. Claddings can influence how the property stands out in relation to...

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