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Analysis of Agro Export Response to Macroeconomic Indices in Nigeria (1980 – 2014)

Asian Journal of Advances in Agricultural Research, Volume: 7, Issue: 4 2018, Pages: 1-13

The study examined the relationship between agricultural output and macro-economic variables in Nigeria between 1981– 2014. The data series employed were gathered from the Central Bank of Nigeria, Statistical Bulletin, Economic and Financial Re...

Production of Fermented Drink from Milk Extract of Tigernut (Cyperus esculentus)

South Asian Research Journal of Natural Products, Volume: 1, Issue: 3 2018, Pages: 1-7

The study was aimed at producing fermented drink from milk extract tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus) using lactic acid bacteria isolated from locally fermented milk (nono), and to compare it with a yoghurt brand at New Karu, Nasarawa State, in terms of ...

Intestinal Microbiota and Immunity: A Review

Asian Journal of Research in Biochemistry, Volume: 3, Issue: 1 2018, Pages: 1-10

Microorganisms establish a symbiotic relationship at all stages of growth in man, beginning from birth to adulthood. They are found in every part of the body, and they participate in the immune system against pathogen-mediated immune responses. Their...

Preliminary Study on the Viability of Developing Borehole Water Supply System in Afugiri Community and Its Environs, Abia State, South Eastern Nigeria ...

Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, Volume: 17, Issue: 3 2018, Pages: 1-14

Electrical resistivity method for groundwater investigation using vertical electrical sounding (VES) technique was carried out in parts of Afugiri in Umuahia-North Local Government Area of Abia State. The major aim is to delineate the aquiferous unit...

Boron-doped TiO2 (B-TiO2) Thin Films Grown Using Sol-Gel Spin Coating Method

Asian Journal of Research and Reviews in Physics, Volume: 1, Issue: 3 2018, Pages: 1-17

In this study, the effect of modifying boron doping concentration on the optical properties, electrical properties and microstructural images of TiO2 thin films was investigated by the sol-gel technique by grinding TiO2 powder with a boron compound a...

Physico-chemical, Functional and Sensory Properties of Vegetable Oil Blends

Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Volume: 29, Issue: 4 2018, Pages: 1-11

Blending vegetable oils can be one of the potential solutions for optimum fatty acids composition and good storage stability. The present study was conducted to identify the best oil blend ratio in terms of physico-chemical, functional and sensory pr...

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