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British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research, ISSN: 2231-0614,Vol.: 4, Issue.: 36 (21-31 December)


Atherosclerosis Vaccine Using Bacteria Salmonella typhimurium on Rat Models


S. Winarsih1*, R. B. N. Yudhinata2, M. P. Zaka2, T. S. Luthfia2, F. Tamara2 and A. M. Indra2

1Microbiology Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya, Indonesia.
2Medical Program, Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya, Indonesia.

Article Information


(1) Jimmy T. Efird, Associate Professor, Department of Public Health, Director of Epidemiology and Outcomes Research, East Carolina Heart Institute, Brody School of Medicine, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.


(1) Marcio Viana Ramos, Federal University of Ceará, Brazil.

(2) Nadia Sharif, Lahore College for Women University, Pakistan.

(3) Anonymous

Complete Peer review History: http://www.sciencedomain.org/review-history/5815


Aims: To prove the effect of S. typhimurium vaccine on inhibiting foam cell formation and arterial wall thickness, and also to decrease body weight and abdominal visceral fat.
Study Design: This experimental research was conducted using rat models.
Place and Duration of Study: Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University, Indonesia, between February – May 2011.
Methodology: The vaccine was 108 CFU of heat-killed S. typhimurium/100µl vaccine per rat. The adjuvant was CFA-IFA 100µl per rat. Twenty Wistar rats were divided into five groups: a negative control group (have normal diet), and four treatment groups which were given with atherogenic diet. The four treatment groups were positive control group (atherogenic diet only), vaccine + adjuvant group (added with the vaccine + adjuvants), vaccine group (added with vaccine only), and adjuvant group (added with adjuvant only). The vaccines were injected intraperitoneally, five times in two-week intervals.
Results: There was no significantly difference in the average diet intake every day among the groups (P=0.17). The administration of ‘vaccine + adjuvants’, ‘vaccine only’ and ‘adjuvants only’ could decrease foam cell formation and arterial wall thickness compared to the positive control group (P= .00). The ‘vaccine alone’ treatment returned the foam cell numbers to be a normal value just like negative control (P=.15), but ‘vaccine + adjuvants ‘and ‘adjuvant alone’ did not (P=.01). There was a strong and significantly correlation between the foam cell formation with arterial wall thickness (R=0.842, P=.00). In addition, administration of ‘vaccine only’ decreased the rats’ body weight and abdominal visceral fat accumulation significantly compared to the positive control (P=.04 and P=.00 respectively).
Conclusion: The heat-killed Salmonella typhimurium vaccine without CFA-IFA adjuvant decreases foam cells expression and aortic wall thickness, body weight, and abdominal visceral fat accumulation in rat-induced atherogenic diet. In suggestion, heat-killed S. typhimurium is a potential antigen to be developed as an atherosclerosis vaccine in the future.

Keywords :

Vaccine; S. typhimurium; foam cell; arterial wall; body weight; abdominal fat.

Full Article - PDF    Page 5729-5740

DOI : 10.9734/BJMMR/2014/4480

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