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British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research, ISSN: 2231-0614,Vol.: 2, Issue.: 1 (January-March)


The Effect of Large Capsulorhexis (>7mm) on the Stability of Refraction Post Cataract Surgery


Ming Chen1*

1University of Hawaii, USA, 55 S. Kukui St. C-109, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813, USA.


Purpose: To investigate if the larger capsulorhexis (7mm) is associated with a stable post-operative refraction with Acrysof IQ one-piece IOL (SN60WF, Alcon USA) implantation from 1month to 2 years after cataract surgery.
Method: Retrospective chart review was made on 31 eyes of 20 patients. All eyes had uncomplicated phacoemulsification by the author with 7mm capsulorhexis and Acrysof one-piece IOLIQ (SN60WF, Alcon USA) implantation between 4/2007 and 7/2008. IOL Master was used to select the IOL and target refraction was recorded. Refraction data by manifestation in spherical equivalent (SE) at one month, 3 month and 2 years were recorded and input to SPSS19.
Result: The mean refractions in spherical equivalent (SE) were statistically significant and excellent positively correlated among the preoperative target refraction (IOL master), one month post-op, three months post-op and two years post-op. P<0.01, Pearson correlation coefficient: r>+0.9 (95%CI 0.91 to 0.98)
Conclusion: The 7mm capsulorhexis with Acrysof one-piece IOLIQ (SN60WF, Alcon USA) implanted eyes demonstrated refractive stability from 1 month up to 2 years post operation.

Keywords :

Cataract surgery; phacoemulsification; capsulorhexis size; stability of refraction; pseudoexfoliation.

Full Article - PDF    Page 86-93

DOI : 10.9734/BJMMR/2012/771

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