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Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, ..,Vol.: 3, Issue.: 2

Review Article

Effect of Tillage Speed, Depth, Ballast Weight and Tire Inflation Pressure on the Fuel Consumption of the Agricultural Tractor: A Review


Amer M. Mamkagh1*

1Department of Plant Production, Mutah University, Mutah, Karak, Jordan.

Article Information


(1) Dr. Heba Abdallah Mohamed Abdallah, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Engineering Research Division, National Research Centre, Egypt.


(1) Simone Bergonzoli, (CREA-IT) Via della Pascolare, Italy.

(2) Firas Salim Al-Aani, Iowa State University, USA.

(3) Carlos Alberto Ferreira Lagarinhos, Polytechnic School of São Paulo University, Brazil.

Complete Peer review History: http://www.sciencedomain.org/review-history/28032


Tillage is a very important practice in agriculture in many countries and accounts for more traction energy than any other field operation. Tillage operation consumes up to 59% of all diesel fuel required for the complete technology so reduced tractor fuel consumption during tillage will result in both environmental and agricultural economic benefits.

Several attempts have been made to study the fuel consumption of the agricultural tractor in order to minimize it to acceptable levels during the tillage operations. Some factors like tillage speed, depth, ballast weight and tires inflation pressure of the tractor can affect the tractor fuel consumption. This article reviews these factors to give possibility for further research to focus on the potential solutions to decrease the fuel consumption of the agricultural tractors.

Keywords :

Tractor; fuel consumption; speed; tillage depth; ballast weight; inflation pressure.

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