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European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety, ISSN: 2347-5641,Vol.: 4, Issue.: 1 (January-March)

Review Article

The Nutrition Report 2012 Summary


Peter Stehle1*

1German Nutrition Society, Science Department, Godesberger Allee 18, 53175 Bonn, Germany.


The German Nutrition Society publishes a national Nutrition Report on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection on a regular basis. Lastly the 12th Nutrition Report was published in December 2012. The Nutrition Report 2012 is an important instrument for those responsible in nutrition and health policy, and also for food manufacturers, for the public, nutritionists, dieticians and the media.
This paper is a short version of the Nutrition Report 2012 published by the German Nutrition Society. The five chapters of this report are providing substantial information about the nutritional situation in Germany, a review of the prevalence of pre-obesity and obesity in Germany, a description of the nutritional situation of seniors with need of care in private homes in Germany (ErnSiPP Study) and data about the situation, quality and satisfaction with “meals on wheels”. Aspects of food safety are always of broad public interest and so we continue to describe toxicological and microbiological aspects of nutrition. Continuing the former Nutrition Reports and the report of the World Cancer Research Fund of 2007, a systematic analysis of the relation between nutrition and carcinogenesis was pursued evaluating the current evidence according to the guidelines of the German Nutrition Society. Furthermore the influence of phytochemicals on human health was described updating the information of the last three Nutrition Reports. Within each chapter, methodology, results and evaluation are described.

Keywords :

Food intake; nutrient intake; seniors; meals on wheels; food safety; prevention; cancer; phytocemicals.

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DOI : 10.9734/EJNFS/2014/7894

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