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Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, ISSN: 2320-7027,Vol.: 26, Issue.: 4


Livestock Keepers’ Perception on East Coast Fever-Immunization (ECFiM) in Kajiado Central, Kenya


John A. Kidali1*, James C. Njanja1, Sammy G. Ndung’u1 and Samuel G. Omwenga1

1Kenya Agricultural Livestock Research Organization, (KALRO) P.O.Box 00902-32 Kikuyu, Kenya.

Article Information


(1) Rohaiza Rokis, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia.


(1) Manuel Pulido Fernández, University of Extremadura, Spain.

(2) Kamran Baseer Achakzai, Pakistan.

Complete Peer review History: http://www.sciencedomain.org/review-history/25821


The study was carried out in Kajiado County to gain information on livestock keepers' perception of East coast Fever disease and its vaccine utilization. East Coast fever (ECF) is a major constraint to livestock production, ranking among those of high economic importance. The high input cost in ECF management, control and treatment steered the development of the East Coast Fever Immunization vaccines (ECFiM) as envisaged to be effective and economical.  The main aim of the study was to realize the livestock keeper’s perception of the East Coast Fever Immunization vaccines (ECFiM). The data was collected using a survey of 88 households, fifteen focus groups with livestock keepers, key informant interviews and a workshop.  Frequency counts and percentages were used to analyse data. Type of livestock kept by the community and their preference; cattle 37.5%, sheep 28%. Prioritized livestock diseases: ECF 42.5%, FMD 25%. Sources of ECFiM-vaccines information were ranked as Kenya Agricultural Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) employees 26.25% and veterinarians16.25%. The importance of the ECFiM was ranked as reduced mortality 38.75% and reduced tick control 25%. Main factors constraining the adoption of ECFiM vaccine as given by the respondents were two that are, inadequate technology 31.25% and finances 21.25%. Agriculture being a devolved function, the County government should formulate policies that enhance the working relationship between (KALRO) so that they can train the farmers on the use of ECFiM vaccine. There is a need for the County government to link the farmers with financial institutions where they could have access to loans to purchase the vaccine.

Keywords :

East coast fever; immunization, livestock keepers’ perception and Kajiado Central.

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DOI : 10.9734/AJAEES/2018/42358

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