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British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, ISSN: 2231-0843,Vol.: 12, Issue.: 5


Neurosurgery Reporting System (NeuroSyRS): Prototype of Innovative Information System Application in Neurosurgery Center, Bandung, Indonesia


Ahmad Faried1*, Muhammad Z. Arifin1, Agung B. Sutiono1 and Sony A. Yuniarto2

1Department of Neurosurgery, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Padjadjaran–Dr. Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

2Research and Development Center TELKOM, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Article Information
(1) Arcady A. Putilov, Research Institute for Molecular Biology and Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk, Russia).
(1) Sreenivasan R. Nadar, University of Health Sciences, Bethesda, USA.
(2) Okwaraji Friday, University of Nigeria, Nigeria.
Complete Peer review History: http://sciencedomain.org/review-history/11881


Objectives: Neurosurgery Reporting System (NeuroSyRS), innovative information system application designed for healthcare with comprehensive scope. NeuroSyRS is a web-based with costum-made, modular-dynamic design; can be enhanced using cloud.

Methods: NeuroSyRS combines the open-source flexible system design that benefits for implementation and development needs as well as support for mobile devices to enable high quality patient care. The web-based network allows online access not only among departments but also between government and private installations. NeuroSyRS platform is designed to meet the needs of database management and its interphase with other services that are responsible for data acquisition and visualization. NeuroSyRS act as central-portal and -data base in the communication information system (ICT), designed to compile patient report paperless and equipped with tele-consultation.

Results: NeuroSyRS is a prototype that developed for a variety of administrative processes. This system will simplify the work process and can be integrated with hospital health care system, Health Department and the Ministry of Health. A good ICT will be useful in collecting clinical information than conventional paper-based reporting system and to minimize errors in the reporting chain.

Conclusions: Our system may bridging gap between the clinical needs and digital documentation, telemedicine-monitoring and improve the quality of patient care, facilitate communication within both the scope of the internal (hospital) and external (stakeholders and follow-up), increasing productivity and reduce overall expenses.

Keywords :

Neurosurgery Reporting System (NeuroSyRS); Medical IT; Information Communication System (ICT); eHealth Cloud Computing.

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DOI : 10.9734/BJAST/2016/21545

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